Consignment Terms

Welcome to Fantastic Finds! Here's the scoop and how it works:

I do not have a limit on how many items you bring in, I will be more than happy to go through your items and take what I think will sell.
No appointment is needed. I accept consignments during all open hours.

When you bring your items in, I will select what I think customers will buy. Sometimes there will be items I don't think will sell. Please understand that customers’ preferences must be the selection guidelines and please don't be offended if there are items I don't accept.

I base prices on supply and demand. I will try to get the best possible prices for you.

You will receive half the selling price. You may stop in for any money you are owed at any time.

I will display your items for 6 weeks. Markdowns may be taken if item remains in inventory for more than 4 weeks or there is a special sale.My goal is to get you the most for your items and keep prices reasonable for our buyers.

If you would like to retrieve any unsold items, please do so by the end of the 6-week consignment period. If you call ahead of time I will do my best to have the items ready for you. If you don’t wish to pick up the remaining unsold items, they become the property of Fantastic Finds and will in most cases be donated to charity.

I will do my best to safeguard your items, but I am not responsible for damage or loss.

I look forward to a long and mutually profitable association with you. I couldn’t do it without you, my partner in consigning!

I Promise You:

  • I will do my best to sell your items at the highest possible profit to you,
  • I will personally respond to all of your concerns,
  • I will be honest and straightforward with you,
  • I understand that you have chosen Fantastic Finds as your partner in consigning, and such an honor deserves the best that I can give you.

Kara Chopak